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English | urdu | hindi | e-paper | quran explorer 21th ziqadah, 1433 | tuesday, oct 09, 2012 home | matrimony | jobs | photos | videos | search | polls | archives | letters | advertise | contact us hyderabad andhra pradesh business crime india science/technology sports politics world pakistan islamic world entertainment all categories health deadliest skin cancer doesn`t look like normal moles monday, 23 january 2012   <>   recommend twitter  print  pdf comments(0) january 23: washington, january 23: scientists claim to have found a clue to why nodular melanoma, a deadliest form of skin cancer, often proves fatal, as they spread vertically and doesn`t grow in diameter like other cancers that can easily be detected. Nodular melanoma accounts for about 14 percent of all diagnosed skin cancers, but makes up 37 percent of ultimately fatal cases as they grow in depth and become more deadly, the researchers found. viagra discount online "you can have melanomas that don`t follow the rules. These nodular melanomas tend to be more dangerous than the other melanomas," said study co-author martin weinstock, a professor of dermatology at brown university. "if you`re just relying on the typical signs of melanoma, there`s the risk that if you get a nodular melanoma, then you won`t notice it," he was quoted as saying by livescience. generic viagra good real thing For their study, published in the journal archives of dermatology, the researchers pored through more than 111,000 cases of invasive melanoma reported between 1978 and 2007 in the widely used database called the surveillance epidemiology and end results program, and found that at least one in five cases of nodular melanoma is ultimately fatal. buy viagra samples members Both nodular melanomas and the more typical "spreading" melanomas begin in skin cells called melanocytes, which produce the skin pigment melanin. order viagra When most melanomas develop, they stay in the skin`s top layer, growing no deeper than one-tenth of a millimeter for months or years and are easier to spot. viagra buy in australia It usually takes only a little novocaine and a quick mole removal to cure it. where can you buy viagra in dubai But in nodular melanoma, the cancer cells quickly start growing vertically: a bump forms at the skin`s surface, and they send roots down into the fat, blood and other tissue of the body. order viagra online without script This matters, because a cancer`s depth can determine the chances of survival, the researchers said. "one of the most important aspects of prognosis is how deep the melanoma is when it`s found," said dr roy grekin, a professor of dermatology at the university of california san francisco. buy viagra Grekin said if a cancerous mole grows 3. viagra sales in india 5 or 4mm deep into the skin before it`s found, the. buy viagra online